World's Most Miracle Goat Embryo Treatment

Your skin stays young depends entirely on the vitality of your cells. Active vitality involves youthful metabolism allow them to regenerate themselves. However, as you grow older, the energy levels in you cells diminish. Recovering youthful skin therefore depends completely on replenishing the energy in your cells.

Suitable for:

  • Pay attention to healthy skin
  • Want to reduce pigmentation and reduce wrinkles
  • Skin lacks elasticity and moisturizer
  • Skin lacks luster, dull


  • Stimulating cell activation
  • Completely repair skin care, instantly whitening
  • Reduce pore roughness, dullness, etc.
  • Helps fight off acne marks, stains, and smooth wrinkles
  • Revitalizes degraded, aging cells

How to use (using 4-8 boxes for one cycle):

Put the right amount of essence on your hand, use the heat of your hand to release the essence, and gently pat on the face, eyes, neck and chest to quickly absorb the infiltrated skin and instantly feel the nourishing muscle. Suitable for morning and evening use every day, persevere, the effect is obvious.


Sheep Placenta, Organic Rose Essence


5ml X 8 sticks

Special recommendations: Use with Laqueen Sheep Placenta Mask and Laqueen Sheep Placenta Eye Mask, the effect is doubled.

*For external use only, npt for eat, keep away from children

**This product contains live cell ingredients and must be placed in a cool, not directly exposed to sunlight.

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Laqueen Swiss Diamond Goat Embryo

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