This product uses Wild Bilberry Extract from Northern Europe, with more than 25% anthocyanin and Q10 coenzyme, bringing energy to your tired eyes, soothing eye fatigue caused by excessive eye use, also can reduce eye muscle edema, eye bags and dark circles problems, let you always be high spirits.

Suitable for:

  • People who often have bags under the eyes and dark circles
  • People who use computers for a long time, watch TV, read, and play games
  • Developing children and students who are taking exams
  • People with dry skin, lack of water, and fine lines


  • Enhance eye sensitivity to light
  • Effectively enhance micro- and blood circulation
  • Get rid of fatigue and improve vitality
  • Improve brain activation, enhance concentration and memory
  • Protecting the macular tissue cells of the retina


Coenzyme Q10, Wild Bilberry Extract from Northern Europe, DHA, Fish oil, Lutein, VMA, Zeaxanthin, Grape seed Extract. (No artificial pigments)

Net Weight:

580mg x 100capsule

Recommend taking method(4-8 boxes for a cycle):

  • Children(under 12): take 1 capsule per day
  • Abult: Take 2-3 capsules per day

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Japan Q10 Blueberry

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