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Collagen in Japanese hydrosynthesis is a very important protein in the human body. It has a strong stretching ability, can help smooth out fine lines, maintain skin elasticity, maintain water retention, and make skin more supple and smooth. The essence of pearl powder can make the skin brighter and whiter, leaving the dull melanin to regain its radiance. Japanese Hydrating Regeneration Synthase combines with Japan's new skin care technology to enhance skin elasticity and renew cells in the body, so that you can be confident and live young.

Suitable for:

  • Pay attention to healthy skin
  • Love beauty, longing for skin tightening
  • Affected by dry skin problems
  • Life pressure, no time to maintain skin


  • Promote metabolism and kick off all melanin
  • Prevent and improve dry skin
  • Helps women to regulate their bodies
  • Helps repair damaged cells and increase skin firmness


100% pure propolis, collagen, pearl powder essence, vitamin C, vitamin E, natural strawberry grape extract, coenzyme (coenzyme)

Net weight:

90 capsules x 400mg

Recommended method of taking (4-8 boxes for one cycle):

Once a day, 2-4 capsules per night. 

Taking more than 6 months, the effect is more durable.

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Japan Perfect skin collegan

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