"Japan Virgina Essence" is refined by modern Japanese technology to effectively improve vaginal relaxation, leakage of urine, excessive vaginal discharge, insomnia, forgetfulness, upsetness, cycle discomfort and postpartum weakness symptoms caused by postpartum women. It can promote the skin of the whole body to be firm and tender, and the color is bright and clear. It has a significant effect on the internal environment of women's vagina and the recovery of vaginal muscle vitality and elasticity. It instantly restores youthful beauty and makes couples' life more harmonious and happy. In addition, it helps women balance endocrine and has satisfactory effects on female vaginal disinfection. You regain your youthful feelings and are the most natural and best-care products for ladies.

Suitable for:

  • Fear of cold, sultry
  • Severe dark circles, face orange
  • Thinning hair, dizziness, waist and knees
  • Menstrual discomfort, the energy is insufficient, and the long marriage is lacking.
  • Postpartum weakness, prevention of postpartum depression


  • Regulated physiological function
  • Improves skin texture, prevents aging, and lubricates joints
  • Soothe various menstrual discomfort
  • With antioxidant capacity, slow down aging
  • For insomnia, forgetfulness, eyesight and eye protection


Degreased top soybean isoflavones (non-genetically modified), collagen, acacia, coenzyme Q10, safflower, turmeric, coral calcium, evening primrose extract

internal volume:

580mg X 100 capsules

Recommended method of taking (4-8 boxes for one cycle):

2 times a day, 2-4 capsules each time

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Japan Virgina Essence

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