• Rifold Bio-Collagen Plus Grape seed, EPO, Rollagen

Dietary Supplement

Innovative formulation with four powerful ingredients: Bio-Collage, Grape Seed, EPO and Royal Jelly. May engance the skin condition and beauty.

Suitable for :

  • Skin lacks elastic luster
  • Pan whitening anti-wrinkle
  • Amy White
  • Deeper/dark skin pigmentation
  • Rough and dry skin/dryer
  • Freckles


  • Moisturizing anti-wrinkle, nail polish
  • Whitening, natural breasts
  • Firms skin and increases skin elasticity
  • Improve sleep, strengthen bones


Collagen, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Royal Jelly


520mg X 100 capsules

Recommended method of taking (four to eight boxes for one cycle): 

2 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time

Special recommendation: If you combine sheep placenta, double the beauty and freckle, the body is younger and the effect is doubled.

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Rifold Bio-Collagen Plus Grape seed, EPO, Rollagen

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