Powerful Antioxidant

Grape seed extract is a rich source of plant flavanoids called Oligomeric procyanidins or OPC's. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

No added sugar, starch, gluten, yeast, preservatives of flavouring.

Suitable for :

  • Amy White
  • Concerned about uric acid problems
  • Hard Working pressure
  • Allergic person
  • Freckles


  • Strengthen heart function
  • Fine pores
  • sun light and UV resistant
  • Lightening stain
  • Soothes leg edema and itching


Grape seed, proanthocyanidin


24000mg X 100 capsules

Recommended method of taking (four to eight boxes for one week):

2-4 capsules daily

Special recommendation: If you mix with Rifold royal jelly, the body is younger and the skin is radiant and radiant.

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Rifold Grape Seed 24000mg

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