• Ongonsen Lotion 120ml

【Gold leaf from Kanazawa's HAKUICHI brand】

【Hot spring water from Shimane's YUMURA hot spring】

Lotion water which combines active ingredients of gold, platinum & EGF. Gold & platinum encourages body metabolism, and avoids any kind of oxidation by generating minus-ion. EGF collaborates epidermal-growth-factor-receptors ( EGFR ) in epthelial-cells ( skin, mucous membrane, etc. ), and recreates cells by activating tyrosine-kinase.

★Mellow lotion water with no stickiness ( fragrance free ).

★Moisture remains on your skin without evaporating, unlike ordinary lotion water.

★Supplying moist to your skin maintains fresh conditions every morning, night and after facial washing.

Ongonsen Lotion 120ml

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