Support Kids' Eye Health

KiDS EYE CARE Formula combines 3major ingredients good for the functioning and developments of children's eyes.

Suitable for:

  • Use computers and mobile phones long time
  • Eyes are prone to fatigue
  • Deep or light myopia
  • Have undergone eye surgery
  • Hyperopia, have eye problem children

10 Benefit:

  • Relieve allergies to light
  • Helps reduce chromatic aberration
  • Relieve eye fatigue and dryness
  • Helps strengthen the retina
  • Relieve the red tendon
  • Clearer vision
  • Helps filter blue light and harmful light
  • Relieve dark circles and eye bags
  • Relieve itching discomfort
  • Helps strengthen eye function


Lutein, Bilberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Omega 3


330mg X 100 capsules

Recommended method of taking (four to eight boxes for one cycle):

  • 1-9 children a day, 1-9
  • 1-3 capsules per day for 10 years or older

Special recommendation: such as Rifold Kids cod liver oil , Rifold kids algae high DHA, doubles the effect.

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Rifold Kids eye care

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