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Premium Colostrum Powder is enriched with IgG, milk protein, calcium, sodium and vitamins. It is a delicious powder suitable for all people and can be mixed into water or milk for a nutritive ​bovine colostrum drink; this is the protein-rich first milk containing high level IgG antibodies. Colostrum milk powder is sourced from strong, healthy pasture-fed dairy cows.

Suitable for:

Elderly and menopausal

Pregnant and feeding women

Easy to develop patients

Gastrointestinal sensitivity or loss of appetite

During growth and development period

Calcium deficiency

Sensitive and weak constitution


Regenerate skin and increase skin's ability to make collagen

Improve brain and eyes development

Promote important nutrient absorption

Strong bone


Colostrum powder, glucose, calcium, whey protein concentrate


450 g

Recommended method of taking (four to eight cans for one cycle):

  • 0-1 year old child: 1 tablespoons per day
  • 1-6 years old child: 1-2 tablespoons per day
  • Children 6 years old or older: 2-3 tablespoons per day
  • Adult: 3 tablespoons per day (for pregnant women)

Special recommendation: If you add vitamin C, goat milk tablets, and colostrum tablets to supplement nutrition, the effect will be doubled.

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Rifold Colostrum Milk Powder

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